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What we treat...

Therapeutic Services provided at our office with a hand on approach.


Orthopedic Physical Therapy from head to toes



Manual Physical Therapy



Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy



Painful Bladder/IC treatment


Intercourse pain


Pre and post partum care/ Diastasis Recti


Prolapse Management



Constipation Treatment for outlet dysfunction or dyssynergia



Incontinence Program, Urinary and Fecal


Transgender reassignment surgery


Male pelvic pain


Pudendal nerve entrapment


Coccydynia/Painful tailbone



Biofeedback Training or Relaxation



Balance and Vestibular Program



Worker's Compensation Treatment



Bladder and Fecal Urgency and Frequency


Post op care


Balance and Vestibular Training

Canalith Repositioning procedure for inner ear dysfunction

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