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Follow our video link for free advise on your pain.

Topics include:

-Preventing Low Back Pain

-Ergonomics for proper sitting at your work station

-Improving Balance

-Treating Vertigo

-Foot Health

-Exercise for Diabetics

-Caregiver Safety Tips

-Back Pack Safety Tips

-Home Safety Tips

-New Treatment for Stroke


29605 US Hwy 19 North

Suite #360

Clearwater, FL 33761

(727) 784-6088

Billing (727) 772-9286

We appreciate and value everyone's questions. Please feel free to contact us by utilizing the information provided below. We want to hear from you!

CLICK HERE to send us an e-mail.

YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION, INCLUDING NAME AND PHONE OR EMAIL ADDRESS. When we receive your email it is sent anonymously. We have no way of contacting you.

CLEARWATER /Palm Harbor Office    

29605 U.S. 19 N. Suite #360, Clearwater, FL 33761


Phone: 727-784-6088; Fax: 727-784-3034

Billing: 727-772-9286

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