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Custom Orthotics

$350.00/ pair

Custom Orthotics


Custom made orthotics by a licensed Physical Therapist. Professional molded to fit your foot's unique dynamics and needs by a musculoskeletal expert for over 27 years. Maximum comfort for normal day to day activity, work, and on your feet all day. These custom-made orthotics will address your personal foot needs and are designed to relieve pain, prevent further damage and improve overall foot health.


Plaster casting is one of the most common and popular casting techniques used when designing foot orthotics for their patients. It’s particularly useful for sports orthotics, as this requires a higher degree of precision.


Plaster casts are non-weight bearing casts and are molded as the patient lies face down on a bed. It is possible to have a perfect alignment using a plaster cast.


Plaster casts can also be molded with the patient standing on a leg with the other leg rested on a chair, with an angle of 90 degrees between the knee and the ankle. This ensures great accuracy in the casting.


Plaster casts are recommended for patients with flexible foot types, as weight bearing casts may prove to be error prone in such cases. Plaster casts are very effective at making sure that the final cast is a perfect image of a patient’s foot.

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Competitive and affordable pricing.

FSA/HSA eligible 

100% Customized To Your Feet For:

Plantar Fasciitis                 Flat Feet                Fallen Arches

Overpronation                Arch Support            High Arch

Shin Splints                     Metatarsalgia           Foot Pain

Supination                      Heel Pain/Spurs         & More


Semi flexible

Moderate control

High shock absorption

Mod-severely restricted foot


Rigid shell

Max control

low shock absorption


Semi flexible

Moderate control

Low profile for fashion shoes

Semi Flex

Semi rigid

Moderate control

Moderate shock absorption

Designed for general ambulation and prolonged standing


Semi rigid

Moderate control

Moderate shock absorption

An all-purpose sports device for multi-sport activities

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