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Follow our video link for free advise on your pain.

Topics include:

-Preventing Low Back Pain

-Ergonomics for proper sitting at your work station

-Improving Balance

-Treating Vertigo

-Foot Health

-Exercise for Diabetics

-Caregiver Safety Tips

-Back Pack Safety Tips

-Home Safety Tips

-New Treatment for Stroke



"I can now place weight on my foot with no pain." -S. Pulling

"We did great at Foundation PT." -E. D. Bush

"I am now painfree with activities." -M.Riggs

"I couldn't lift my arm but now I can do it all." -W. Biggart

"I am now running with less pain and swelling." -J. Damian

"I am over 90% better! I can place weight on my foot with no pain" -A. Zeglin

"I would recommend Foundation PT because everyone is friendly and the therapist know's what they are doing. I am much improved. My low back pain is gone." -S. Hassall (7/2011)

"I am now 95% better. I have less pain in my back with activities." L. Engel.

"I couldn't walk, squat or do stairs before therapy at Foundation. Now I am 100% and free of my pain. " -T. Tsagaris

I am 90% or more better and back to work." -E. Scott

"I couldn't walk or do my household chores because of my plantarfascia, now I can do it all." -D. Finney

"It's a miracle!" -K. Reese

"I am 100% better. I am walking again. "

"I had right knee pain and after PT I am 100% better."

"This is the best I have felt in years!" My left shoulder and neck pain is gone.

"I am able to walk without fear of falling. I now feel more secure and stronger. I felt Gary understood my condition and gave me the appropriate therapy.

"I am 90% better since treatment at Foundation Physical Therapy. I can now sit, stand and walk with no problems. " -A. Morgan

"The pain is gone in my neck and I can do normal activities again." -D. Cappel

I can now lift my shoulder to open my sunroof of my car. Foundation Physical Therapy is like a family. I wouldn't go anywhere else." K. Flanagan

"Now I can turn my neck to drive, I didn't realize how bad my neck was until I see how good it is now. Foundation Physical Therapy did a great job." -Michael

"The level of knowledge and experience of the Physical Therapist are at the highest level possible. The front office staff are very prompt and courteous. The assistants have great focus and personality. I can now be active in all areas of my life with minimal or no pain! I am very thankful and appreciate all that therapy and the highly skilled therapist have done for me. Thank you!" -S. McGow

"I can do so much more since I have been to Foundation Physical Therapy. Their expertise in manual therapy set them apart from other therapists. I highly recommend this facility." -N. Kinas

"Gina and all the staff are very professional, sincere and friendly. They really care about you as a patient and as a person. Now I can put my left arm behing my back, pull, reach, lift objects." ( S. Fusil)

"I am so happy with the RESULTS I've had from attending Foundation Physical Therapy! I feel so much better! Now I rarely have any neck pain, and I can work on the computer without a problem. I can do my exercises easily and I don't have a problem lifting grocery bags anymore." -Ms. Berry

" The staff was friendly and were very concerned about my problems. My RESULTS were very good.

I can crawl without pain, my elbows straightened by 10 degrees." -J. DeWinter

In 3 visits, because of physical therapy with Gina, I can "bend, sit at the computer, move from lying to sitting. I would definatley recommend Foundation Physical Therapy." -B. Walker

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