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Video Links

Follow our video link for free advise on your pain.

Topics include:

-Preventing Low Back Pain

-Ergonomics for proper sitting at your work station

-Improving Balance

-Treating Vertigo

-Foot Health

-Exercise for Diabetics

-Caregiver Safety Tips

-Back Pack Safety Tips

-Home Safety Tips

-New Treatment for Stroke


Foundation Physical Therapy Forms to be completed and brought to initial treatment

DOWNLOAD THESE FORMS FOR EVERY CONDITION EXCEPT PELVIC FLOOR DYSFUNCTION (Use this link if you are being seen for a musculoskeletal, orthopedic, balance, weakness condition, your traditional physical therapy services)


Traditional PT: Traditional FPT paperwork.pdf


DOWNLOAD THESE FORMS at the yellow link FOR PELVIC FLOOR DYSFUNCTION: ( Urinary or fecal incontinence, pre and post pregnancy, prolapse management, tail bone pain, IC, painful bladder, pelvic pain, constipation etc)

           Pelvic Floor PT: Pelvic Floor FPT paperwork.pdf

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